Can You Drink Rubbing Alcohol? Find Out the Truth


Without smelling rubbing alcohol and just looking at it, you can easily confuse it with water. While some individuals use it as a substitute for alcoholic drinks (ethanol), it is still unsafe. Can you drink rubbing alcohol, you ask? The quick answer is yes, but we highly recommend you don’t. Drinking rubbing alcohol may feel … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Caring for a Fresh Christmas Tree


If you’re deciding to cut your own fresh Christmas tree this year, instead of taking the family on a Christmas tree adventure a la Clark Griswold, visit your local tree farm and follow these five steps to maintain your fresh Christmas tree in your home and avoid premature needle shedding throughout the holiday season. 1. Pick … Read more

The Hidden Dangers of House Rats: Protecting Your Home and Family


House rats are unwelcome visitors to any household. They are damaging and destructive, creeping around and penetrating walls, electrical wiring, appliance lines, and insulations. On top of everything, these pests chew furniture items and urinate on things. Aside from being an annoying and unpleasant sight, rats are dangerous and pose serious health concerns to humans … Read more

Can Clean Houses Get Roaches?: The Surprising Truth


What do you think about when you think of roaches? You probably think of dirty, old apartments full of garbage. But Can Clean Houses Get Roaches? The answer is yes; clean houses can get roaches. There are a couple of reasons for this, with the main reasons being that they need moisture, shelter, and food … Read more

Can a Dirty House Make You Sick? – Learn How Your Home Can Affect Your Health


Do you know that a clean home is one of the best defenses against sickness, flu, viruses, or COVID-19? A clean house protects you and your family from illnesses and helps your mental health. But what about the opposite? Can a Dirty House Make You Sick? A dirty house can indeed make you sick. A … Read more

Can Clean Houses Get Mice? Learn the Truth


Since I moved to the Nashville area, I have luckily not had to deal with any rodents snakes, or other reptiles in and around my house. That was until recently when I saw a mouse run across my kitchen floor after I had gone grocery shopping and put my groceries away. It caught me by … Read more

12 Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating


Halloween can be an exciting and fun time for both parents and children. We will again witness masses of little superheroes, ghosts, and horror movie characters within our neighborhood for trick-or-treating fun. However, the ghost season also brings extra risks for everyone, especially for kids and teens. Are you aware child pedestrian accidents are more … Read more

How to Clean a Pumpkin: A Step-by-Step Guide


Halloween is coming, so expect some ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. We all want our little trick-and-treaters to enjoy the Halloween season, so we want our pumpkin decorations to be extra clean and last longer. Pumpkin is a popular autumn vegetable, usually made to ripen for the fall season. They have a long shelf life, but … Read more

Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared: 4 Must-Know Halloween Home Safety Tips


There are plenty of dangers that can happen on Halloween. Twice as many kids get killed while walking on Halloween than on any other day of the year. And insurance vandalism and theft claims are the highest of the year on Halloween and right after. So, this year, I want to cover four Halloween home safety tips.  4 Halloween Home Safety … Read more

Can You Get Sick from Mold in Your House?


As it gets closer to summertime (especially in some parts of the South), the warmer it will get, and the more the humidity will rise. This may cause moisture to accumulate and mold to start growing in your house. With mold comes the concern most homeowners and renters have – can you get sick from … Read more