Cleaning Your Dishwasher with Vinegar. Will it Work?


Do you ever wash your dishes in the dishwasher and find them really cloudy? If yes, then your dishwasher needs some thorough cleaning. Dishwashers need occasional cleaning because soap scum, grease, and food debris can build. But how can you do so? Will cleaning a dishwasher with vinegar work? Absolutely! Vinegar is a fantastic ingredient … Read more

What are Non-Toxic Air Fresheners?


We all want our lovely homes to smell fresh, cozy, and inviting. Because of the house’s musty smells and odors, we welcome commercial air fresheners with open arms to solve the dilemma. But conventional or store-bought deodorizers today have potentially dangerous ingredients that pose serious risks to human health. Hence, non-toxic air fresheners are a … Read more

7 Lemon Cleaning Tips For Your Home

7 Lemon Cleaning Tips For Your Home

As the adage says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” However, the wonders of lemons do not end there. You don’t only use lemons for drinking or garnishing, but they are also fantastic cleaning helpers. Lemon cleaning can do magic in your home – they are nature’s little hand scrubbers, a natural dirt cleaner, … Read more

Does Vinegar Remove Paint?


A natural acidic white vinegar can do unique and useful things around the home besides being an excellent ingredient for your salad dressing. As a natural cleaner, it is an effective deodorizer, dirt cleaner, and even stain-remover. But does vinegar remove paint? Yes, vinegar can remove paint. However, its paint removal power depends on the … Read more