The Magic of Alcohol: Discover the Secrets of Using it for Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning!

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Are you struggling to clean glass surfaces? Don’t fret because you are not alone. Keeping your glass items at home clean is challenging, especially around children and pets. Dirt, fingerprints, and smudges can be an annoying eyesore. So how can you clean these quickly and easily? Have you tried alcohol for cleaning glass?

Alcohol can make every glass material squeaky clean, streak-free, and germ-free. When cleaning your mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces, alcohol will make the job easier because the solution is easy to use and quickly evaporates on the material.

Want to use alcohol as part of your glass cleaning routine? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will teach you how to use alcohol for some of your glass items at home!

Is It Safe to Clean Glass with Alcohol? 

Alcohol is a safe glass cleaner. Using alcohol to clean glass windows, shower doors, or stovetops is an excellent alternative to commercial glass cleaners.

It does not matter whether you use 99% or 70% alcohol; both are safe for glass items either way.

However, if you use alcohol as a disinfectant, it’s recommended to use alcohol with 70% concentration because they are more effective. The 30% water delays evaporation, which gives the alcohol ample time to kill germs.

What Kind of Alcohol Do You Use to Clean Glass?

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol will effectively clean the glass. Outside of cleaning glass, it is great for cleaning electronics, disinfecting your house, freshening the air, cleaning jewelry, etc. 

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors with Alcohol


Glass shower doors often collect grime and soap scum. To prevent a build-up of soap scum and hard water, clean your shower doors at least once a week.

Alcohol is one of the best products to disinfect and clean shower doors. Creating a bathroom alcohol spray will make blasting through dirt and tough spots a breeze.

Follow these steps to clean your shower doors with alcohol. 

Things You’ll Need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water 
  • Vinegar (optional)
  • Essential oil (optional)
  • Clean, dry towel 


  1. Dilute the alcohol by mixing it with water in a spray bottle.
  2. You may add vinegar to the spray bottle to deal with gunk build-ups or hard water stains.
  3. You may also add essential oils to mask the smell of alcohol and to make the bathroom smell fresh. Shake the spray thoroughly.
  4. Use the bottle to spray the shower door and leave it for about 15 minutes before scrubbing.
  5. After you scrub the shower door, rinse it with water and let it dry. You can use a clean towel to dry the shower door.

How to Clean a Glass Stove Top with Alcohol

Your stovetop is the heart of the kitchen because it is where you prepare meals for the family. It is also often one of the most used items in the house. Hence, keeping it clean is a vital chore. Note, though, that you should never clean stove tops while hot.

Here’s how you can clean your stove top with alcohol properly. 

Things You’ll Need:

  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Damp sponge
  • Razor (optional)
  • Damp glass cleaning microfiber cloth


  1. Remove detachable parts of the stovetop, like spill trays, grates, and knobs. This way, you can clean the stove tops without a hassle.
  2. If there are no removable parts, start cleaning your glass stovetop first. Start by putting alcohol in a damp sponge.
  3. Use the sponge with alcohol to wipe the glass stovetops. If you find spots that are hard to clean, you might need a razor to remove them.
  4. Clean and dry the glass stove top with a clean, damp microfiber cloth made for cleaning glass.

To learn how to clean a stove top with baking soda, read our post – Does Baking Soda Clean Stovetops?

How to Clean Glass Windows with Alcohol


Are your windows often dirty because of dust or frost during winter? Well, you can solve these problems with alcohol. You can also use this method to clean car windows.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Alcohol
  • Essential oil (optional)
  • Spray bottle
  • Clean cloth


  1. Fill the spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Add essential oil to achieve a refreshing smell.
  2. Spray the window as you do with any glass cleaner. Start spraying the top of the window down to the bottom.
  3. Wipe the window with a clean cloth. 

How to Clean Your Cell Phone Screen with Alcohol

According to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan, your cell phone is coated in germs: 25,127 bacteria per square inch. That is almost 21 times more than a toilet seat (1,201 bacteria per square inch). So not only does alcohol work well to clean the screen of your cell phone, it can disinfect it from all the bacteria on it.

Cleaning your cell phone with alcohol is quick and easy.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Alcohol
  • Thin Microfiber Cloth
  1. Turn off the phone and remove the case (if you have one on it).
  2. Put some rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth.
  3. Rub it on the screen and back of the phone.
  4. Do the same on the phone case.

Here is a quick video of me cleaning my cell phone with rubbing alcohol.

How to Clean Glass Ornaments with Alcohol

Glass ornaments need to be cleaned carefully due to their fragile nature. But if they come with glitter, do not clean them with alcohol. Use a jewelry cloth instead.

Clean your glass ornaments, by following the steps below:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Soft microfiber cloth
  • Jewelry cloth (optional)


  1. Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft microfiber cloth.
  2. Use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to wipe the glass ornaments.
  3. Leave the glass ornaments to dry.

Can You Use Alcohol for Eyeglasses?

It is advised not to use alcohol to clean your eyeglasses. Too much alcohol may destroy the lenses or special coating on them.

Other Ways To Clean Glass

If rubbing alcohol is not available and you don’t like cleaning the glass with chemical cleaners, there may be other household items that you can use to clean them. 


Cleaning glass with vinegar is a tried and tested method. Since the solution is acidic, it can break down grime and hard water stains without leaving streaks. It is a safe, cheap, and effective cleaner.

If you run out of rubbing alcohol, use apple cider vinegar instead. Read our article – Can Apple Cider Vinegar Clean Windows? to learn how.

Microfiber Clothes

Microfiber clothes made for cleaning glass are excellent glass cleaners. Not only do they clean well, but they are quick and efficient to use.

Baking Soda

If you want all glass items to be squeaky clean, and shiny use baking soda to achieve your utmost desire. Baking soda can remove tough stains and scuffs.


Cornstarch is a perfect cleaning agent for glass windows and shower doors. It can break down water bonds, making your windows shiny, streak-free, and spotless. 


To keep all your glass items glistening clean, rubbing alcohol can do the job. Follow our guides above to use alcohol to clean windows, shower doors, ornaments, and other glass items such as screens and phones.

As a byproduct, alcohol will also disinfectant and remove smudges, dirt, and fingerprints. If you run out of alcohol, use one of the substitutes above.

If you are interested in learning what else you can clean with rubbing alcohol, check out our article – Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean?