About Us


Our Mission

To promote a healthier and safer way of cleaning and living.

Our Story

Penny Crowley has worked in the house cleaning industry for over 20 years. After ten years of cleaning houses with commercial cleaning products, she began having health issues and feeling ill during work, causing her to stop house cleaning. She sought help for her health issues and found out that the harsh chemicals in the commercial cleaning products she was using for work were the cause of these health problems.

She wanted to keep house cleaning, so she started researching and experimenting with ways to clean houses naturally and without using harsh chemicals. After using different non-toxic cleaning products while cleaning her own home, she noticed a difference in how she felt. She was able to clean her home without feeling ill. Soon she felt well enough to clean her clients’ homes again, only using non-toxic cleaning products to clean them. Cleaning this way didn’t only benefit her health but her clients and their families because they got a clean home without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals.

Penny Crowley and her family started Marigold & Ivy not only because of her own experience with commercial household cleaning products but because household hazards can affect anyone, especially your little ones.

We want families to not only have clean homes but homes that are free of harsh chemicals or anything that can be harmful to your household. We do this by providing natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly solutions, services, and products.