Can Green Mold Kill You? Exploring its Impact on Your Well-Being


Did you know there are a hundred types of molds in the United States, and they may vary in color? If you own a home, you are probably familiar with mold sickness brought by black mold, but did you know that other mold, such as green mold, can cause illness, too? But can green mold kill you?  … Read more

Kill Mold with Hydrogen Peroxide – Learn the Easy and Safe Way to Combat Mold


Mold that covers more than ten square feet in your house should be handled by a professional; smaller spots of mold, you can kill and remove on your own. So, what can you use to kill mold in your home? “Does hydrogen peroxide kill mold?” Yes, hydrogen peroxide kills mold. This solution, known for disinfecting wounds, also has active … Read more

Can You Remove Mold from Your House Naturally?

For a long time, I had only heard that you should use bleach to remove mold from areas in your house. But when I got my own house a few years back, I started only using green and natural products, and so I wondered – Can you remove mold from your house naturally? Yes, you … Read more

Can You Get Sick from Mold in Your House?


As it gets closer to summertime (especially in some parts of the South), the warmer it will get, and the more the humidity will rise. This may cause moisture to accumulate and mold to start growing in your house. With mold comes the concern most homeowners and renters have – can you get sick from … Read more