Everything You Need to Know about Using Baking Soda to Kill Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are one of the most disturbing and annoying pests you can find in your home. So, how can you kill them? Does baking soda kill bed bugs? While baking soda can kill bed bugs by penetrating and drying out their bodies, there’s no scientific evidence that it can instantly and completely exterminate these … Read more

The Impact of Dirty House Air Filters on Your Health: Can They Make You Sick?


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The Hidden Perils of Living in a Cluttered Home: How a Messy House Can Negatively Impact Your Health


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The Truth Behind Green Cleaning Products: Are They Truly Safe for the Environment?


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Safeguarding Your Furry Friends: Unveiling the Truth about Green Cleaning Products and Your Pets


Every pet lover asks similar questions when cleaning the house, such as, “Are green cleaning products really safe for pets?”  As responsible fur-parents, we should know that our pets clean themselves with their mouths. Meaning, that harmful cleaning chemicals used on the floor or other areas can come in contact with their mouth and body. Keeping them away from toxic substances … Read more

The Myth of Clean Houses: Can They Really Get Infested with Bed Bugs?


If you have ever encountered bed bugs, you know they are different than other bugs or insects. And unlike mice, rats, and roaches, bed bugs do not enter your house through cracks, gaps, holes, or window screens looking for shelter, food, or water. Bed bugs enter your home differently, and are after something much different. When you probably … Read more

Ditch the Stigma: Debunking the Myth of Clean Houses and Rat Infestations


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The Surprising Connection Between a Clean House and Your Mental Well-Being


During wintertime, you probably don’t feel 100% happy and energetic. If you have been working from home or stuck in your house trying to stay warm this winter without seeing much sunlight, you may feel down. If this is you, you may want to think about the cleanliness of your home and how it affects … Read more

White Vinegar to the Rescue: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Fruit Fly-Free Home


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Unwelcome Roommates: The Secret Life of Roaches in Your Home


Do you live in a house with roaches? Roaches are familiar and common insects and pests that are found all across the globe. These nasty insects are resourceful and strive to live, eat, drink, and breed in any possible environment, including commercial buildings and residential houses, without you even being aware. Roaches don’t usually bite, … Read more