What is the Hydrogen Peroxide Formula?


In case you forgot what you learned in your science class, Hydrogen Peroxide consists of water (H2O) and an added oxygen atom (H2O2). The combination of water and oxygen atoms or hydrogen peroxide formula makes the solution very safe to fight dirt, germs, and grime. Hydrogen peroxide is an efficient cleaning solution, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, … Read more

Five Quick Facts about Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol


Rubbing Alcohol – Like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol (technical name Isopropyl alcohol) is another cheap household item you may have stored away in your medicine cabinet and only take out to clean the occasional cut or blemish. And also like hydrogen peroxide, it started being produced on a regular basis in the 1920s. But just … Read more

Top 5 Poison Exposures in Your Home and How to Help Prevent Them

If you’re a homeowner or rent a home, you should be aware that there are dangerous things in your home. And if you have little ones, there are even more dangerous things you should be mindful of in your home. One of these dangerous things in your home are substances that can be poisonous if exposed to your … Read more