The Concrete Cleaning Guide: White Vinegar – A Powerful Solution for Cleaning Concrete Surfaces

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Many of us used vinegar as a household cleaner even before it became a hit as a green cleaner. It works well with floor stains, freshens laundry, removes limescale and odors, and much more. But does white vinegar clean concrete? A quick answer is yes!

White vinegar can clean concrete and remove stains. It may not be as powerful as concrete cleaners, but it can clean up concrete stains on a budget. Not to mention that vinegar can also remove germs and bacteria from concrete.

Do you want your concrete floor or driveway to be as clean as it was when first poured? If your answer is yes, let’s dive deeper into how vinegar works wonders in your concrete.

Is White Vinegar a Good Concrete Cleaner?

Yes, vinegar is an excellent concrete cleaner. This solution can strip surface-level messes from concrete. Due to its acidic properties, vinegar can be a powerful tool for breaking down offensive materials such as dirt, stains, and bacteria. 

However, vinegar’s acidic nature may ruin other materials. It may strip off more than surface-level dirt and stains if used for more than 30 minutes on some materials.

Will White Vinegar Damage Concrete?

White vinegar will not damage your concrete. However, leaving this solution for an extended period will damage the cement that binds the concrete together. Hence, you should be careful when using vinegar on your concrete, especially on polished concrete. 

Using vinegar to clean polished concrete may trigger chemical reactions between the cement and vinegar, causing erosion and salt to form. The chemical reaction process will also eat away the cement and, later, the concrete.

How to Clean Concrete with White Vinegar


White Vinegar is a good option for those who want to use natural cleaning products to clean their concrete—excited to use it to remove stains and dirt from your concrete? Follow these simple steps below.

Things you’ll need:

  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid dish soap (optional)
  • Sponge


Step 1. Fill the spray bottle with a 50:50 mixture of vinegar and water. You can add liquid dish soap to the mixture. 

Step 2. Spray the mixture onto your concrete. Allow the solution to do its magic for a maximum of 30 minutes. Don’t leave the mixture too long; otherwise, you may damage the concrete.

Step 3. Use a sponge to clean the dirt and stains away. Avoid using a metallic brush, as it can rust the concrete.

Can You Use Vinegar to Remove Paint from Concrete?

If you’re looking for a natural way to remove paint from your concrete, vinegar is the way to go. Vinegar is one of the best natural and eco-friendly products for removing stubborn paint from concrete. It can dissolve oil-based and water-based paint – and even spray paint!

Heat as much vinegar as you need in a microwave to remove concrete paint. Don’t boil the vinegar or overheat it. Next, pour the solution or use a brush to put the vinegar on the painted area. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, and the paint will start to come off the concrete.

Can You Use Vinegar to Remove Mold From Concrete?

Yes, you can use vinegar to remove mold from concrete. This household product is better than bleach when removing mold. Bleach may only remove surface-level mold, causing the latter to return over time.

Mold, however, will die once it encounters vinegar. To prevent it from reappearing, use white distilled vinegar because it works better than other vinegar for preventing mold.

To use vinegar to kill mold, fill a spray bottle with white diluted vinegar and spray the affected area. Wear a face mask, face shield, and gloves during cleaning. Spores from the mold easily spread, and you need to be ready for it. For this reason, many people hire cleaning professionals to do the job.

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Does White Vinegar Clean and Remove Algae?

As much as vinegar can remove mold, there’s no reason why it should not work on removing algae from your concrete. Just like mold, algae also dies when it encounters vinegar.

You can put the vinegar directly onto the concrete or dilute it first. You can then scrub the concrete with the sponge and rinse it with water. Repeat the process until the algae are gone.

Use vinegar on polished concrete for 30 minutes only. Leaving it for an extended time will kill algae and damage the cement in the concrete. But for unfinished cement, you can surely use vinegar for longer. It is safe and will be the most efficient cleaning agent to remove algae. 

Can You Use Bleach Instead of Vinegar to Clean Concrete?

You can use bleach instead of vinegar if the latter is unavailable. Most households use this product to clean their concrete. Bleach is a good cleaner for large concrete areas that need a thorough cleaning.

To use this, fill a bucket with water, then add the bleach. Use the mixture for mopping the concrete. Rinse the concrete with water to remove the solution away. Make sure to wear gloves when doing this method.

What Other Products Can Clean Concrete?


If white vinegar isn’t available, here are other practical and inexpensive household products to clean concrete.

  1. Detergent

You can use laundry detergent to keep your concrete clean. However, this is only advisable for small grease spills. To use this product, put some detergent in a bucket of water. Pour the mixture onto the concrete, then scrub it with the sponge and rinse with water.

  1. Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda paste is also a good alternative if you want a safe and natural way to clean your concrete. While detergent can also efficiently clean concrete, this product may harm plants and pets. If you’re worried about your plants and pets, use baking soda instead of chemical-based products.

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  1. Soda

Soda is also a good cleaner for stains. You may not believe it, but it’s true! Soda has three key ingredients that make it effective as a cleaner.

It contains carbonated water, phosphoric acid, and citric acid. These ingredients also work well in removing grease. You can use any soda you can buy in the market, but Coke is a popular option. 


In this post, we answered your question – “Does White Vinegar Clean Concrete?” in addition to what things it will remove from concrete.

Many cleaners may be effective in cleaning your concrete, but not all may be safer than vinegar. In fact, most of them may strip off the wax or compromise the seal used on your concrete.

However, vinegar is a versatile and natural product that removes stains from your concrete without damaging it. If you’re looking for an organic, economical-friendly, and cost-efficient product to clean the concrete, vinegar is what you need.

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