Five Quick Facts about Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide


This inexpensive, all-natural household item is normally found with the first aid kit, but you will also want to add one to your cleaning supply kit. Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is an effective, affordable way to clean different areas in your home. Hydrogen Peroxide – When most people think about hydrogen peroxide, they think about … Read more

Rubbing Alcohol Is More Than a Disinfectant: Learn All the Ways to Clean With It


Rubbing alcohol, commonly referred to as Isopropyl alcohol, is popularly known for its health and hygiene uses. This is especially true if you have ever received a shot or given blood at the hospital. But can you use rubbing alcohol to clean? Absolutely! Rubbing alcohol is a general cleaner. It is a degreaser, disinfectant, sanitizer, … Read more

12 Best Natural Cleaning Products for a Non-Toxic Home


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The Fundamental Guide to Sanitize Your Home: Tips and Tricks


Keeping your home clean is crucial for preventing the spread of diseases and maintaining a healthy living environment. But sometimes, you will also need to disinfect or sanitize your home to prevent the spread of diseases. Did you know there is a difference between disinfecting and sanitizing? In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the … Read more

Kill Mold with Hydrogen Peroxide – Learn the Easy and Safe Way to Combat Mold


Mold that covers more than ten square feet in your house should be handled by a professional; smaller spots of mold, you can kill and remove on your own. So, what can you use to kill mold in your home? “Does hydrogen peroxide kill mold?” Yes, hydrogen peroxide kills mold. This solution, known for disinfecting wounds, also has active … Read more

Can Vinegar Unclog a Drain?


Clogged drains are not a new occurrence. But when they become a regular thing in the house, they can be a big headache. Fortunately, there are natural and practical products to get your drains to operate normally. One of these natural, non-toxic products we will discuss is vinegar and answer the question: “Can vinegar unclog … Read more

Learn 3 Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home This Winter


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Hydrogen Peroxide: The Secret Non-Toxic Weapon for Effective Carpet Stain Removal


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The Ultimate Tile Cleaning Secret: Using the Cleaning Power of Vinegar to Clean Floor Tiles


If there’s one cleaning product that is popular in the market, it’s tile floor cleaners. And there are plenty of them. After all, everyone loves it when their tile floors are clean, sleek, and shiny. However, chemical-based cleaning products can negatively affect some people’s health. If there are children, pets, or anyone in the family sensitive to … Read more