Say Goodbye to Harmful Chemicals: Explore the World of Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning

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In some homes, carpets cover nearly every part of the house. When this is the case, most of the time all you need to do is vacuum them to clean them.

But every once in a while, you should also wash them. Washing them usually requires a cleaner like a detergent, shampoo, or even a household product like vinegar or baking soda.

To get your carpets not only clean but safe, washing them with non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions is recommended. But what is non-toxic carpet cleaning? Can it remove dirt and bacteria in our carpets?

Most definitely! Non-toxic carpet cleaning uses non-chemical-based cleaners to attack dirt in carpets effectively. It is safe at home, which is ideal for those with pets and children. After all, carpets become a lot safer when they are toxin-free.

So, never believe that cleaning with chemical-based carpet cleaners is the only way to clean your carpets thoroughly. Chemical-free cleaning is the best way to keep your carpet clean. Here’s a guide on maintaining your carpets through non-toxic cleaning.

Are Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaners Effective?

Non-toxic carpet cleaners work the same (and even better) as chemical-based carpet cleaners. So, if you believe that chemical-free carpet cleaners are not efficient in giving your carpet a clean and pristine look, we are about to debunk such an assumption.

Non-toxic cleaners are effective and will make the carpet look new. Not to mention that using toxic-free cleaners saves the environment and makes the carpet clean and safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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    Will Non-Toxic Cleaners Damage Your Carpet?

    Non-toxic cleaners themselves won’t damage your carpets. If there’s one thing that may damage your carpet, it is using chemical-based cleaners frequently. Just like the most expensive clothing will fade and lose its quality after repeated cleaning them with harsh detergents.

    Your carpet may sustain damage over time when you clean it with cheap, chemical-based cleaners. Non-toxic cleaners, however, are very gentle on your carpet. It will keep your carpet lasting longer.

    What Makes a Carpet Cleaner Non-Toxic?

    Non-toxic carpet cleaners clean products with natural and safe ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and other plant-based products. It is presumed made without potentially harmful chemicals like pollutants, carcinogens, and irritants.

    However, note that the term “non-toxic” is not regulated in the US. It has no formal definition; hence, a product may claim that it is non-toxic even if they are not. Check the label if you’re about to use a non-toxic store-bought carpet cleaner.

    Can You Clean the Carpet with Just Water?

    Unfortunately, you cannot clean the carpet with only water. Some may disagree but think about washing your clothes with water alone. Do you think water is enough to remove dirt, grease, and oils from your clothes? Would you be satisfied with the result?

    You would not, of course. The same goes for your carpet. Carpet traps dry soils that can be vacuumed away. However, it also traps grease and oil, which cannot be removed by vacuum or water. Carpet cleaning requires more than just water, agitation, and heat.

    Adding only water to your cleaning routine will not remove dirt, grease, oil, and even bacteria from your carpet. Hence, you need a cleaning agent like a non-toxic cleaner to clean your carpet. 

    What Is Chemical Carpet Cleaning?


    It’s best to know what makes a chemical carpet cleaning to avoid it if you are serious about opting for non-toxic cleaning. As evident in its name, chemical carpet cleaning involves using products with chemical solutions. Some common chemical-based carpet cleaners are bleach and chlorine.

    Moreover, some ingredients in chemical carpet cleaners are ethanol, alcohol, amine oxide, and much more. If the cleaner you buy contains these ingredients, it is not a non-toxic carpet cleaner.

    Where to Buy Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Products?


    Non-toxic carpet cleaning products are not new to users anymore. Hence, you can easily find them anywhere, such as in grocery stores or online eCommerce sites like Amazon, and some are probably just lurking in your pantry like vinegar. 

    To ensure that what you buy in stores or online are non-toxic cleaners, you have to check the product’s label. These products are usually labeled as EPA certified. 

    How to Make a Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Solution


    While trustworthy brands make non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions, there are also some ingredients at home that you can use to make non-toxic carpet cleaners. Check out this list if you want to know which one from your pantry can be used to clean your carpets.

    1. Water + Vinegar + Salt

    Combine 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Add one teaspoon of salt per cup of water. You can add essential oil to achieve a deodorizing effect.

    Spray the mixture on the affected area or the whole carpet. Let it dry, and vacuum the carpet after.

    1. Baking Soda + Vinegar + Water

    The classic vinegar and baking soda combo is more than a science fair experiment. Combined with water, the mixture is an effective carpet cleaner. To use it, sprinkle some baking soda on the stained area. Let it sit overnight or for about an hour if you’re that excited about cleaning your carpet.

    Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the bottle on top of the baking soda. A fizzing reaction will take place. Once the fizzing stops, blot up the area with a clean rag. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the result.

    1. Salt + Borax + Vinegar

    Combine equal parts of these ingredients in a small bowl. You will then end up with a paste that you will be using on the carpet. Wear gloves and rub the paste into the affected area. Leave the mixture until it is dried. 

    Once dried, vacuum the mixture away. You can clean the stain with a wet rag if still visible. Once the carpet is dried, vacuum again.

    Tips for Non Toxic Carpet Cleaning

    Non-toxic carpet cleaners are safer and milder than chemical-based and conventional commercial cleaners. While they can really clean your carpet, they may be weaker than other store-bought cleaners.

    Here are some tips to make your non-toxic carpet cleaner as effective as possible.

    Remove Mess on the Carpet

    Before using your non-toxic cleaner, remove all excess dirt and spills as quickly as possible. The fresher the mess, the easier to clean your carpet.

    Vacuum the Carpet

    Before applying the cleaning product, vacuum and remove as much mess and hair as possible. If the mess is wet, blot off the area until it is gone.

    Blot the Mess and Apply the Product.

    Don’t scrub the mess, blot it instead. Blotting keeps the dirt in one area while scrubbing spreads it over the carpet. Use the product while blotting. 

    Deodorize the Carpet

    Some carpets have odor problems. Hence, the need to deodorize it regularly. Odors may come from dirt and bacteria lodged in the carpet. When your carpets start to stink, the cause has been in the carpet for a while already. Baking soda is effective at deodorizing carpet.

    See my short video below of me using baking soda on carpet.


    So, there you have it. You have just discovered what non-toxic carpet cleaning is and how to do it at home. And that it will not do any harm to your carpet, you, the environment, and your household.

    Whether you buy non-toxic cleaners or make your own, there’s no reason not to use them on your carpet. You probably have some in your home now.

    If you want to know more about non-toxic cleaning products, check our article, “Say Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals: The Benefits of Non-Toxic Cleaning Products”