Can I Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Clean My Dishwasher?

Dishwashers may clean themselves for you, but it does not mean they don’t need regular cleaning from their owner. Grime and grease can build up, and chemicals from detergent may get left behind, causing unpleasant odors, residue, and germs. Of course, you would not want that to happen. So, you may ask, Can I use … Read more

Does Vinegar Clean Calcium Deposits?

Calcium deposits are unappealing stains that typically develop in many homes. These stains form through the water with calcium salts or hard water. When calcium deposits build up, you need to clean and remove them. But how do you clean calcium deposits? Does vinegar clean calcium deposits? As much as you can use store-bought cleaning … Read more

Will Cleaning Vinegar Kill Mold?

Are you searching the web for mold killers? Good news! You can safely remove unhealthy and unsightly mold with a simple ingredient in your pantry: vinegar! If you’re looking for a natural alternative to harsh chemicals, you can rely on cleaning vinegar to kill mold in your house. Over the years, cleaning vinegar earned its … Read more