7 Lemon Cleaning Tips For Your Home

7 Lemon Cleaning Tips For Your Home

As the adage says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” However, the wonders of lemons do not end there. You don’t only use lemons for drinking or garnishing, but they are also fantastic cleaning helpers. Lemon cleaning can do magic in your home – they are nature’s little hand scrubbers, a natural dirt cleaner, … Read more

Can Vinegar Unclog a Drain?


Clogged drains are not a new occurrence. But when they become a regular thing in the house, they can be a big headache. Fortunately, there are natural and practical products to get your drains to operate normally. One of these natural, non-toxic products we will discuss is vinegar and answer the question: “Can vinegar unclog … Read more

Does Vinegar Remove Paint?


A natural acidic white vinegar can do unique and useful things around the home besides being an excellent ingredient for your salad dressing. As a natural cleaner, it is an effective deodorizer, dirt cleaner, and even stain-remover. But does vinegar remove paint? Yes, vinegar can remove paint. However, its paint removal power depends on the … Read more

Does Vinegar Clean Fruits and Vegetables?

Including fruits and vegetables in your diet is vital to keep you healthy and well. Considering their nutritional benefits, selecting, preparing, and cleaning them is crucial. But how can you do so? Is water enough to keep them clean? Or does vinegar clean fruits and vegetables?  Yes, vinegar cleans fruits and vegetables. Vinegar is a … Read more