Five Quick Facts about Cleaning with Vinegar.

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Vinegar and Sponge

Vinegar – This cheap but common and versatile liquid can be found in your kitchen and used for many things including cleaning. For decades if not centuries vinegar has been used to clean houses and household items.

Five Quick Facts about Cleaning with Vinegar.

  1. The vinegar that is most commonly used for cleaning is white vinegar.
  2. Vinegar can be made from fruit, coconut, sugarcane, grains, corn or yeast and contains acetic acid.
  3. The acetic acid (this is where that rancid vinegar smell comes from) is what makes it such a great cleaner – cleaning anything from windows to floors to stains on clothes.  Check out 95 Household Vinegar Uses You Never Knew About
  4. But there are also places and things you should not use vinegar on. Don’t use it on anything wood, any type of natural stone, or any type of egg mess.
  5. According to The Vinegar Institute, the acetic acid in white vinegar is self-preserving, giving it almost an indefinite shelf life.

Bonus Fact: The word “vinegar” originates from the French word “vinaigre” which means sour wine.

Want to see vinegar in action? Check out our Cleaning Household Items with Vinegar video below. If you haven’t watched our last “five quick” video check it out here.

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