Say Goodbye to Harmful Chemicals: Explore the World of Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning


In some homes, carpets cover nearly every part of the house. When this is the case, most of the time all you need to do is vacuum them to clean them. But every once in a while, you should also wash them. Washing them usually requires a cleaner like a detergent, shampoo, or even a … Read more

The Magical Combination: Baking Soda and Vinegar for Rust Removal


Rust is the enemy of all things metal. It slowly eats away at the surface, leaving unsightly stains and compromising the integrity of the material. Fortunately, there is a magical combination that can help you rid your metal items of rust: baking soda and vinegar. When combined, these two common household ingredients create a powerful … Read more

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Naturally (in 6 Steps)


Today I am going to show you how to clean a stainless steel kitchen sink naturally using baking soda and vinegar. This method is simple (six steps) and quick (under ten minutes). A shiny and clean stainless steel kitchen sink can be one of the nicest looking objects in your home and possibly the nicest … Read more

What Everyone Needs to Know about Raw Apple Cider Vinegar


Every fall in America, there are some traditions we always do as a family. Some of the traditions are watching football, carving pumpkins, and picking apples at the local orchard. This fall, when you are at your local orchard picking apples and drinking apple cider, take a moment to think about the benefits of those … Read more

Cleaning a Washing Machine with Vinegar: A Cleaning Guide


Over the years, vinegar has been recognized and well-known as a cleaning solution for different parts of the home. Because it’s non-toxic, environmental-friendly, budget-friendly, and safe to use, it’s no surprise that it comes in handy in almost every home. While vinegar is effective as a laundry deodorizer and fabric softener, the question remains: Will cleaning … Read more

Cleaning Your Dishwasher with Vinegar. Will it Work?


Do you ever wash your dishes in the dishwasher and find them really cloudy? If yes, then your dishwasher needs some thorough cleaning. Dishwashers need occasional cleaning because soap scum, grease, and food debris can build. But how can you do so? Will cleaning a dishwasher with vinegar work? Absolutely! Vinegar is a fantastic ingredient … Read more

Five Quick Facts about Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide


This inexpensive all-natural household item is normally found with the first aid kit, but you will also want to add one to your cleaning supply kit. Hydrogen Peroxide – When most people think about hydrogen peroxide, they think about the liquid substance that creates bubbles while disinfecting the cut on your finger. Although this isn’t … Read more

Five Quick Facts about Cleaning with Vinegar.


Vinegar – This cheap but common and versatile liquid can be found in your kitchen and used for many things including cleaning. For decades if not centuries vinegar has been used to clean houses and household items. Five Quick Facts about Cleaning with Vinegar. Bonus Fact: The word “vinegar” originates from the French word “vinaigre” … Read more