Learn 3 Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home This Winter


During the winter months, one of the most important things is keeping yourself and your family members warm. To keep warm inside your home, you need some sort of heat source. Depending on how your home is heated, that source of heat could be putting carbon monoxide into the air, causing danger to everyone around. … Read more

Hydrogen Peroxide: The Secret Non-Toxic Weapon for Effective Carpet Stain Removal


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The Remarkable Link Between a Clean House and Beating the Blues: How Tidying Up Can Help Fight Depression


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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Caring for a Fresh Christmas Tree


If you’re deciding to cut your own fresh Christmas tree this year, instead of taking the family on a Christmas tree adventure a la Clark Griswold, visit your local tree farm and follow these five steps to maintain your fresh Christmas tree in your home and avoid premature needle shedding throughout the holiday season. 1. Pick … Read more

The Hidden Dangers of House Rats: Protecting Your Home and Family


House rats are unwelcome visitors to any household. They are damaging and destructive, creeping around and penetrating walls, electrical wiring, appliance lines, and insulations. On top of everything, these pests chew furniture items and urinate on things. Aside from being an annoying and unpleasant sight, rats are dangerous and pose serious health concerns to humans … Read more