The Hidden Perils of Living in a Cluttered Home: How a Messy House Can Negatively Impact Your Health


Not all people can live in dirty homes. Some people won’t allow having a day without spending at least 10 minutes cleaning and organizing their house, while others are tolerant or less bothered having a disorganized home. However, regardless of your upbringing and personality, you should know the answer to the question: can a messy … Read more

Yes, Your Clean House Can Get Fleas! Here’s What You Need to Know


It is a common question – can clean houses get fleas?  As it turns out, the answer is yes, clean houses can get fleas. While a clean house may seem inhospitable to fleas and their eggs, that is not always the case.  There are a few things you can do to keep your home flea-free. Read on for tips on how to protect your … Read more

The Myth of Clean Houses: Can They Really Get Infested with Bed Bugs?


If you have ever encountered bed bugs, you know they are different than other bugs or insects. And unlike mice, rats, and roaches, bed bugs do not enter your house through cracks, gaps, holes, or window screens looking for shelter, food, or water. Bed bugs enter your home differently, and are after something much different. When you probably … Read more

Ditch the Stigma: Debunking the Myth of Clean Houses and Rat Infestations


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The Surprising Connection Between a Clean House and Your Mental Well-Being


During wintertime, you probably don’t feel 100% happy and energetic. If you have been working from home or stuck in your house trying to stay warm this winter without seeing much sunlight, you may feel down. If this is you, you may want to think about the cleanliness of your home and how it affects … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Determining If You Need a House Cleaner


Your home can get dirty quickly. If you have children or pets or both, messes and spills are most likely a daily occurrence at your house. If you have a busy life like most people, it usually does not include time to clean your home. And we all know they don’t clean themselves. So this … Read more

The Comprehensive Cleaning List: Find Out What a House Cleaner Does in Your House


When I talk to new clients, I get asked what I usually do in someone’s home. It will also result in them asking about all the services that I offer. And you are probably wondering the same thing – what does a house cleaner do in my home? They clean, of course! But there are … Read more

The Ant Exterminator: Unveiling the Truth – Will Baking Soda Effectively Eliminate Ant Infestations?


When ants invade the house, searching for home remedies may lead you to baking soda. But does baking soda kill ants? Will it only kill them in your house, or will it kill them outside, too? Baking soda is a reliable ant killer. And being a household staple, you probably already have a box in … Read more

Unwelcome Roommates: The Secret Life of Roaches in Your Home


Do you live in a house with roaches? Roaches are familiar and common insects and pests that are found all across the globe. These nasty insects are resourceful and strive to live, eat, drink, and breed in any possible environment, including commercial buildings and residential houses, without you even being aware. Roaches don’t usually bite, … Read more

The Buzz About Bees: Exploring the Effectiveness of Vinegar as a Natural Pest Control Solution


Bees are essential to flowers and the ecosystem in general. However, there are times when they become a nuisance, especially when they start to invade your house. And when they get inside your home, it may affect the safety of everyone. Hence, you may need to kill them. So, how do you get rid of … Read more