Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe for Pets?

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Every pet lover asks similar questions when cleaning the house, such as, “are green cleaning products really safe for pets?” As responsible fur-parents, we should know that our pets clean themselves with their mouths. Meaning, that harmful cleaning chemicals can get in contact with their fur and can be a total risk. Keeping them away from toxic substances should still be your top priority when cleaning. Today, we’ll walk you through more about green cleaning products and what is the safest to use for your home.

What Are Considered Green Cleaning Products?

Green cleaning products are natural solutions used to clean our homes that prevent health risks and harm to the environment. These products have plant-based and/or natural ingredients and use eco-friendly biodegradable packages. Getting exposed to harmful chemical substances damages our health and harms the ecosystem. We don’t want that, so it’s still best to use natural cleaning solutions that contain vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. You can ensure your family’s and pets’ safety at home with green cleaning products.

Moreover, you can also opt for manufactured green cleaning products that don’t contain artificial colors/fragrances, chlorine, and phosphate. Some environmentally friendly cleaning products may have the Fair Trademark. If this is the case, the products were manufactured following specific environmental and labor requirements.

Additionally, according to the suppliers, ecological policies may get a share of the revenues from the sale of other green cleaning products. If you’re still seeking a “yes or no” answer to “are green cleaning products really safe for pets?” read on.

Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe for Pets in Homes?

Yes, green cleaning products are safe for pets at home. Whenever you feel confused about what cleaning products to use, think about which triggers your sense of smell the most. Does it trigger your allergies or not? Can the smell make your kids close their noses when they find you cleaning the living room? Does your dog sneeze most of the time when you mop or spray the floor? If you answer “yes” to all this, it’s time to change your cleaning solutions to green or natural ones.

Think about this, any cleaning products that irritate your sense of smell will do the same thing to your pets. Why is that? Pets, especially dogs, can smell 40 times greater than humans. Hence, harmful cleaning chemicals can easily damage your pet’s safety and health, so the best solution is to go green.

How Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe for Pets?

When you use green cleaning products, they have less impact on our health than traditional cleaning solutions. You can go around playing at home safely with your family or pets without any strong smell lingering. According to a 2018 study, cleaning with harsh chemicals regularly is like smoking 20 cigarettes per day.

Young kids and furbabies are more prone to harm due to these chemicals. That is why using environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals is usually a good idea. The reason? Dogs and children are more likely found on the ground or in a direct range of areas that need cleaning. This is particularly true if your dogs or children like consuming goodies off the ground or from direct surfaces, like tables.

Green cleaning saves you time and money since most product ingredients are just a kitchen away. Simple ingredients such as rubbing alcohol, Safer Choice labeled dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar are just a few things. You can make several all-purpose cleansers found within the house in only minutes with these ingredients.

Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe for Dogs?


Yes, your dogs are safe as long as the cleaning products have plant-based ingredients. There are tons of lists of natural cleaning ingredients you can find online. Write them down first before you go to the supermarket. Plant-based or natural cleaning ingredients should at least have white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, vegetable oil, and cornstarch.

When it comes to getting rid of pet smells and stains from carpets and furniture, some of these natural compounds may be useful. However, keep your dog outside of your home while you clean to avoid accidental ingestion when cleaning with vinegar. Once dried and the strong vinegar smell is tolerable, you can let your dog stay inside again.

Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe for Cats?

As much as we love and care for dogs, our cat’s safety is also a priority. Unfortunately, not all green cleaning products are safe around our cats. Natural elements such as citrus fruits, lemons, and peppermint are often found in cleaning products, and they are effective at disinfecting. This is particularly true when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are effective cleaners and have a pleasant scent. This kind of foodstuff is normally safe for cats to consume, but the oils contained inside it may cause them to get ill.

Even though garlic and onion are often included in many DIY cleaning solutions, this does not imply that they are safe for cats. Garlic and onions, in particular, are very harmful to them.

Another issue is that people use tea tree oil, which is a problem. If your pet consumes this substance, it may be unable to move correctly, have weak muscles, and suffer liver damage. You might also become ill if you ingest or inhale it. It may cause pneumonia if inhaled deeply.

Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe to Use Around Birds?


Yes, using white vinegar and baking soda to clean your home while birds are around is safe. However, keep in mind that not all green cleaning products are safe around them since birds have sensitive respiratory systems. The majority of a bird’s life is spent in a cage; thus keeping it clean is essential.

When a bird is in its enclosure, it will eat and defecate after. If the cage is not cleaned often, it will become a place where germs and bacteria can grow and spread. Buy cleaning products for birds at an exotic pet shop. This way, you can ask for the safest cleaning product and can be sure that your bird is safe.

Are Green Cleaning Products Really Safe to Use Around Parrots?

Yes, green cleaning products are safe around your parrots. Anything with white vinegar, baking soda, and apple cider is good to go. To keep your parrot healthy, you’ll need to clean its cage now and then. Your parrot will likely fly around your house to get some exercise, so you need to keep your home clean.

White vinegar is one of the most recommended cleaning agents to use. Using vinegar to kill germs is natural, so dilute it and put a small amount on your parrot’s cage to get rid of them. Finally, rinse it off and let it dry for a while, so the smell doesn’t last as long.

Everything else sold as food, like malt vinegar, is not safe for birds. We are only referring to pure white vinegar at this point. If you don’t like white vinegar, you might want to try apple cider vinegar (ACV). Another alternative is to use grapefruit seed extract or grapefruit essential oil. It can also kill germs.

What Cleaning Products Are Pet Safe?

Natural Cleaning Products

Safer Choice Certified

  • Krud Kutter
  • Odoban Earth Choice cleaning products
  • Great Value Pro Strength Carpet Cleaner
  • Bona PowerPlus Wood Surface Deep Cleaner
  • Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Biobased Certified

  • Mrs. Meyer’s
  • Rug Doctor
  • Grove Collaborative
  • Seventh Generation
  • ECOS
  • Ecover


To summarize the article, there are times when our lives can be hectic and stressful. This is normal, and it’s not a bad thing. Some find it easier to choose one cleaning solution on the market that claims to get the job done quickly. Sadly, they don’t even bother reading the labels anymore since it’s time-consuming.

However, if you think that cleaning your home is essential, you should look at the things you use every day. Most products now contain harsh chemicals that could be bad for the health of your kids and your pets. Be careful and read the labels before buying any cleaning product. Only safe products for the environment should be used to clean your home.

Eco-friendly products will make your home healthier. Therefore, it makes the earth more liveable each day. We genuinely hope this article has become a big help to you.

Before you go, I have another natural green cleaning product to recommend that I have mentioned in the past that is pet safe. It is called Miracle II Soap, and you can check out my review of it here. You can also watch the short video below of me using it to clean up a mess my cat left.

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