12 Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

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Halloween can be an exciting and fun time for both parents and children. We will again witness masses of little superheroes, ghosts, and horror movie characters within our neighborhood for trick-or-treating fun.

However, the ghost season also brings extra risks for everyone, especially for kids and teens. Are you aware child pedestrian accidents are more common on Halloween than on any other day?

Help your kids, pets, or entire family stay safe with these Halloween safety tips for trick or treating:

1. Carve Carefully

Pumpkin carving is common during the Halloween season. If your child is not old enough to handle a sharp knife, there are other things they can do, like cleaning out the pumpkin.

Parents should do all the carving.

2. Teach Kids to Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Candles and torches are common during the Halloween season. Before Halloween, teach your children to stop, drop, and roll.

These trick-or-treat tips are important in case their costumes catch fire.

Once clothes catch fire, the instinct is to run away. Please encourage your child to practice stopping, dropping themselves to the ground, covering their faces with their hands, and rolling over the floor a few times until the flames vanish. 

3. Plan the Route in Advance

Trick-or-treating requires long walks to several streets and houses. This may cause frustration for you and your kids as it may cause sore legs, or you may get lost if you take unfamiliar routes.

Avoid long routes by mapping out your destinations before leaving your home.

Only walk on well-lit streets and point out specific places to avoid, like vacant properties, “no trespassing,” “beware of dogs” signage, and unleashed pets.

It’s ideal to stick to the route you have planned. You can use the GPS app on your phone to avoid getting lost. Look for “safe trick or treating near me” on the internet to see which routes are safe for your Halloween adventure. 

4. Stay Safe Near Roads

Costumes with masks may not be safe for breathing. It will also hinder children from hearing or seeing traffic.

So, save those beautiful masks for pictorials and use face paint or makeup for trick or treating instead.

Vibrant-colored face paint or makeup is popular during the season. However, it’s essential to check if the product is FDA-approved. 

Advise your children to be alert and not use their phones when crossing the road. Children under 12 should be accompanied by their parents or guardian. 

Remind them to always walk on the sidewalk or to use the far side of the road. Teach them only to cross the street as a group and to never cross at the stop sign, across yards, between cars, or through alleys.

5. Be Visible.

Visibility is essential no matter the day. However, it’s usually dark outside when your children are trick or treating at 5 p.m., and it may not be safe for them.

Keep your children visible by making them wear glow-in-the-dark clothing, necklaces, and bracelets.

Reflective tape is also an excellent addition to their costume to make them more visible to drivers at twilight.

It’s also essential to have your children carry small flashlights. 

6. Wear Comfy Shoes

Make sure you and your children are wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes. If your little girl is wearing her cute dress, advise her to avoid heels.

Make sure that shoelaces should be double-tied to prevent accidents in the dark.

7. Keep Costumes Comfortable

Try to buy costumes from a reputable store. It may cost you more, but will keep your children comfortable and safe. 

Avoid costumes that drag on the ground, so your child won’t trip or get caught in the bushes. Costumes should also be bathroom-friendly.

You can also try DIY costumes, but make sure they are comfortable. Halloween pets also want to enjoy the festivities, so put them on a leash to join the fun. 

8. Make an ID Card

If you’re not going with your children or get separated from them, make an ID card in advance. Let them wear or carry their ID cards.

9. Establish a Curfew

Agree on a particular time to return home. This is helpful if you’re not going with your children or will not accompany them throughout the night.

Consider giving them a phone so they can contact you and make sure they know how to call 911 in case emergency situations arise.

10. Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated is one of this list’s most important trick-or-treating safety tips.

After all, it can get hot wearing a costume, especially after long hours or long distances during trick-or-treating. Remind your child to carry their water bottle with them.

11. Check Candy Before Eating

Don’t eat unsealed candies. Throw away sweets with holes or torn wrappers.

Never eat homemade treats made by someone you don’t know. Tell your children not to eat candies until they are inspected at home.

12. Keep your Own Home Safe

Kids are excited about the season, so chances are you might have some Halloween décor at home.

Make sure to avoid using decorations that require fire. They may cause an accidental fire.

Remove anything that could cause anyone to fall or trip on your lawn or walkway.

Keep pets away from trick-or-treaters, as your pet could scare small children. Your house must be well-lit and the walkway illuminated if possible.


Is it safe to trick or treat this year? Absolutely! If you implement these Halloween safety tips for trick or treating in your family, the Halloween season will surely be fun and accident-free.

Halloween is supposed to be spooky but not dangerous.

Be safe, have fun, and Happy Halloween! 

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